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Ready Stock in Malaysia

One Year Local Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Are you authorised distributor?

Yes, we are Malaysia Authorised Distributor.

Q2 : Is this product comes with warranty? 

Yes, 1 year local warranty, any machine parts failure is under coverage. Please be aware any physical damage/water damage or accessories parts broken are not include in the warranty.  

Q3 : How to claim the warranty? 

Automatic warranty was apply once product sold from our platform. Please contact us if you have any problems with the products, we will guide you returning the item if it's under warranty.

Q4 : Is this product required a universal adapter? 

No, our product comes with UK 3 Pin plug (Suitable for Malaysia's User).

Q5 : I had placed an order in your website, when can I receive my order/parcel?

If all the items in your order are ready stock, we will proceed and ship out within 1-3 days. However, if your items in the order are pre-order/out of stock item, we will wait until the items are ready before shipping them to you.

 Q6 : I had placed an order in your website, but I wish to cancel it / can I change it (colour/type/quantity)?

No, you are not allow to change any items in your order or cancel order once you had done payment successfully. Please be noted that we will not make any refund to customer, so please think carefully before you place order and payment to us. Ask clearly before you purchase in our website in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

Q7 : Do I have to add liquid when juicing?

Appropriate amount of liquid must be added when squeezing juice, and the amount of liquid must not be lower than the minimum mark (200ml). It can be water, milk, yogurt, etc.

Q8 : Can it be used as baby food?

Vegetable puree, fruit puree, etc. can be made, but you also need to add an appropriate amount of liquid when making.

Q9 : How to wash after juicing?

This product uses a filter-free design, which is very convenient to clean. It can be washed only by flushing the head cover with water. You can also add clean water to the cup and run the machine for 10-20 seconds.

Q10 : Can I crush the ice?

Yes, ice cubes can be broken, you need to put in the ice cubes first and then filled in the fruits and vegetables. So, it is easier to break the ice cubes when pressed under the fruit and vegetables. In addition, don't forget that you need to add an appropriate amount of liquid when breaking the ice.

Q11 : Can nuts like peanuts and walnuts be beaten? Can make soy milk?

This product is specially designed for the production of vegetable and fruit drinks and is not suitable for whipped nuts. The beans can be whipped after soaking soft, but they need to be cooked separately before drinking.

Q12 : What is the material of the cup?

The fashionable hand-carrying cup and straw uses imported Tritan material used to make baby bottles, the retro maison cup uses food grade AS materials. 


One Year Local Warranty


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